Sunday, September 16, 2012

An Update

Sorry I've been falling behind on posts again.  I started a new day job, as a Quality Engineer for a paint company.  A great job, actually.  And I finally have my nights and weekends free for the first time in about a decade. 

But I also hit my goal with my writing, I made it through the major revision of the first novel in my series before I started the new job.  I even took one of my first majorly revised chapters into my writing group and found I still had room to improve.

So I'm going through and tightening the whole thing up a bit more, smoothing out the seams where the old and new material blend.  Mostly I've found at this stage I'm mostly cutting out material that's become extraneous or overly explanatory.

I plan to read a few more chapters with my group, to see how I'm doing.  But I think I'm ready to start my agent search again.  So, once I finish this last polish pass, I'm going to put together my new list of agents.  And probably revise my query letter to better fit the new tone of the novel.

Wish me luck, and thanks for following.

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