Friday, July 20, 2012


Okay, my apologies to anyone that was actually following (or at least trying to follow) this blog.  It was something of an experiment for me, my first attempt at really keeping a blog.  And it was pretty damn erratic.  

And that was before I just up and abandoned it.

So I'm going to try this again.  Think of this as A Walk in the Shadows 2.0.  This time I hope to get some regular posting done.  I want to shoot for at least weekly posts, though I'd like to get them more often.  I know myself well enough that daily probably won't be sustainable long term.  In fact, I figure I'll still be pretty erratic, but I want to keep to at least once a week.

I think this blog is important for many reasons.  The biggest, I feel, has to do with a remark I once read by Piers Anthony.  He said that, unlike many other writers, he responded to every piece of fanmail he received, and he knew only one other writer (can't remember who now) that did that.  He also noticed that they were the only two writer's he knew that never suffered from writer's block.  He felt these facts were related. 

I think he may have had a point.  I think it has to do with keeping to writing goals.  So I want to make this blog one of my writing goals, to make at least one worthwhile post a week.  That shouldn't be that hard.  And maybe keeping this writing goal will help me to work on keeping more discipline in my writing in general. 

For anyone's still stopping by, thanks for your faith in me, and I will make it worth your time to keep coming back.  And please feel to comment on what you like, what could use improving, or what just flat out sucks, whether it's the posting style, the content itself, or just the layout of the page.  I'd like you to keep me honest here, call me out if I can't keep my promise to make the trip here worth your while.

Thanks again, and see you around the interwebs.


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