Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Getting Started

Well, I've kicked around the idea of starting a blog for years.  I haven't bothered for a number of reasons, though mostly because I wasn't sure I could dedicate enough time to it to make sure it was viable (I'd hate to be one of those people that posts a half dozen times then the thing goes silent).  I also wasn't sure I could organize my thoughts in a short enough form, since everyone says that blog posts need to be short or no one reads them.

So I didn't bother. 

But now that I'm getting serious about my writing, I guess this is another thing to get serious about.  If I want to be successful as a writer, it looks like having a web presence helps, and I'd like a place for my eventual fans (yeah, I'm being optimistic) can find me. 

And that brings me to this blog.  The title s a reference to three things, one is one of my favorite TV shows (The Twilight Zone) and another is probably my favorite series of books (The Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny).  And yes, I said three, but the third is something only those who know me really well will get.

Anyway, welcome to the Shadows, come walk with me, away from the harsh glare of the light, but not so deep in the darkness we get lost.  Just a pleasant stroll in this land between.  Don't know where the path will lead, yet.  But at least it shold be an interesting trip.

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